If they were real pearls the dress would be worth a Hell of a lot more than $150,000. http://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/2746B... Calvin Klein doesn't use real jewelry to make his schmattas. The man who pioneered women wearing just a slip in public and calling it a dress has been the PT Barnum of the Ready To Wear… » 2/28/15 5:20pm Saturday 5:20pm

I've been over that queen for a very long time. He's a nasty little queen who backed the Bush regime until it became inconvenient. Let him stay in his self imposed isolation. While he's at it he can screw himself with one of his long winded commentaries on how the GOP is the best thing for LGBTQ's while it's on fire. » 1/28/15 3:23pm 1/28/15 3:23pm