A few years back I had friends from out of town with me. One of them wanted a picture with Goofy. Goofy was so drunk he could barely make a coherent phrase. Goofy copped a feel on a Lesbian. Goofy got a knee in the nuts by said Lesbian. When asked by the cop "why" she responded "he grabbed my tit twice, when he did it… » 7/27/14 9:52am Yesterday 9:52am

It's a tipped restaurant. When you order food to go you're doing service to take out and most people don't tip at all for to-go food. As a former server/line cook/manager I understand why and agree that Aretha was out of line, but the Rockets workers was out of line as well. You don't get to speak to customers that… » 7/26/14 2:43pm Saturday 2:43pm